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Food & Art

Gastronomy is an important topic in Italy and for many Italians they are proud to serve local dishes. However, there are many who visit the country who are not aware of the great difference in dishes from region to region, as well as the fact that certain wines belong to different districts. Risotto is typically a specialty from the flat Po plain where rice is also grown. Aubergines are a typical ingredient in Sicily. Limoncello is preferred from the Amalfi Coast, and tortellini in Emilia Romania.

Italy is probably one of the countries in the world with the most art treasures. Any small or large city in Italy can offer both ancient and modern art. Art is not only found as monuments, paintings or statues in museums, but also as architecture and design - design applies not only to art, but also in many other areas such as fashion, cars and home decor. Every year, Italy hosts the world's largest furniture fair in April in Milan, in addition to the many fashion fairs, which also mainly take place in Milan.

Meeting &
Product Launch

In Italy, there are many exciting locations that are made available for meetings and venues that are perfect for launching new products. Think, for example, of the contrast to launching a new car model in a city like Venice.

Pay attention to sustainable meeting facilities and choose nature as a setting for the meeting. Give the participants a fantastic experience by choosing an antique mansion with all modern comforts, or embrace creativity and let the meeting room move around on soft waves….

Event & Entertainments

A high-end dinner during incentive travel is almost always a must, and the wish is of course that the setting around the event is unique. It can be at an atmospheric villa or vineyard, a museum, exotic outdoor surroundings or simply a restaurant with a completely unique cuisine and perhaps one or more Michelin stars. For the event you can also add other forms of entertainment such as cartoonists who immortalize the participants in a funny portrait,

Mafia bosses in The Godfather style, antique baroque costumes and maybe Casanova who makes sure to flatter the female participants. The dinner can be enlivened with entertainment in various genres of music, from a female singing quartet to learning to dance the "Il Minuetto"; opera singers for the aperitif or maybe just a DJ with their own selected music.

Nature & Sport

The nature of Italy offers everything from majestic mountains, mirror-like lakes and idyllic beaches with crystal clear water. No matter what type of nature you prefer, there are plenty of opportunities to explore it in different ways. Water sports on the sea and the lakes, or snorkeling from the beach or boat, trekking in the mountains, cycling in the hills or downhill MTB from the mountains, canyoning and Via Ferrata with unique nature experiences.

But one of the biggest attractions in Italy is still to meet at the stadium and watch the favourite team play football. The atmosphere and vibe are unique on the Italian scene. If you have a sports group that wishes to hold their training camp in Italy, there are also many opportunities within the various sports and we naturally also help to arrange a match / competition.

Wedding & Parties

Romance belongs to Italy and many dream of holding their wedding in authentic atmospheric surroundings in Italy. It can be by the sea or on a vineyard in the middle of the vines. For family celebrations such as birthdays and other anniversaries, Italy is also a popular country.

But also many companies choose to hold their anniversary party abroad. There are also many options for accommodation in the same place as the party / event to be held and here we focus on every detail.

Technical & educational visits

The purpose of the trip to Italy can be for professional reasons such as trade fairs, company visits or conferences, but often also exploration and exchange of professional backgrounds across borders. In particular, it is often the construction industry that has professional visits,

development in infrastructures and the food industry. There are also many schools that, based on their studies, have topics they wish to include in the travel itinerary.

Teambuilding & Tickets

Teambuilding and outdoor activities are for most business trips an important part of the content. Here it's about being creative and making sure to renew activities on an ongoing basis. The treasure hunt has throughout the ages been one of the activities that has changed "disguise" several times, and can be created on a theme and according to what the destination offers.

It can be by boat between islands, using an Ipad, with the theme of a famous book or movie, by bike, even in the theme of the company's development or products. Teambuilding can also be in nature, depending on where you are and what qualifications you have, such as canoeing, cycling perhaps with e-bike, trekking, canyoning, etc.

We provide tickets for any event or transport in Italy, from opera to sporting events such as football and Formula 1, rock concerts, museum visits, trains and ferries.