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“To travel is to live – and we live to arrange your travel”
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Our team

B-italian - when you want to be first, best and the most creative!

Together we make a strong, professional and creative team!

Birte Buchwald
Owner & Managing Director
mobil +39 3388 96 4717

Birte is the founder and owner of B-italian. Birte, through her long experience in the tourism industry and good relations with our local suppliers, has developed special contacts which produce excellent results for any type of request. She knows how to combine the needs of customers with the provided services in the right way, and she is also working on making the programs. Birte loves to create original packages from cooking courses up to the big events!

Anu-Liisa Lamberg
Project Manager
mobil +39 342 521 3899

Anu-Liisa has worked with groups and events for many years and has developed a unique expertise in this field. Anu-Liisa is specialized in tailor-made programs for clients, and loves to spice up the programs to make unique event unique for every group. She has good knowledge throughout Italy, but Anu-Liisa is specialized in destinations in northern Italy, in particular in the cities of fashion and business.

Ritva Ora
Groups and Events

Ritva has many years of solid experience in the tourism from programming different kind of tours up to their implementation. Year after year, many customers wants her tailor-made programs in Italy. Ritva knows every corner of the country, but she is specialized in the capital city of Rome and the southern Italian region including the islands.

Maria Jakobsson
Groups and Events

Maria has worked for several years with the reservations all over Italy, first with FIT clients and then with simple groups until to big events. She handles every query in a professional way and she is also specialized in events and sport programs.

Katrine Kierkegaard
Groups and Events

In the last 20years Katrine has acquired an extensive experience in the tourism sector in Italy. She knows very well destinations, such as Milan, Piedmont, Tuscany, Naples and Apulia region, where she lives right now. She likes to organize different kind of sport events from footballtrips to canyoning and motorsports. She welcomes everybody to her charming Bed & Breakfast trulli accommodation "Terra & Mare" in Cisternino near Ostuni.

Charlotta Grönroos
Groups and Events

Charlotta has lived for 25 years in Italy, where she has always worked in the tourism sector. She has experience from different sectors and from DMCs in Italy. With her positivity and love for Italy, together with her curiosity, she constantly keeps herself updated on offers, new ideas and proposals for customers. She has a good knowledge of the entire Italy and has experience in sports and special programs tailor made for each group. Charlotta answers your queries on both Finnish and Scandinavian.

Kirsi Silvennoinen
Groups and Events

Kirsi is Finnish and has lived last 8 years in Italy working mainly in tourism. During these years she has learned to know brilliantly the northern part of Italy. She is specialized in organizing different events, shopping and culinary tours, in addition she loves to find new fascinating and unusual accommodations and destinations to all our clients. She is young, full of energy and always ready travel and discover new places.

Lene Rahbaek Pedersen
Groups and Events

Lene has lived in Italy since 1988 and has nearly always worked in the travel industry, where her experience from the last 17 years has been to arrange trips for Scandinavian customers throughout Italy. Lene has a large experience both in leisure and incentives. She is specialized in sport events and loves to be active herself. Lene is working from our Rome office but make arrangements in all of Italy.

Jonna Grönroos
Groups and Events

Jonna came to Italy in 2006, but had already, at that time, been in the travel industry for several years working as a guide in several countries around the world. The first years in Italy she kept working as a guide, which has given her the opportunity to learn to know the country well and thoroughly. From 2013, Jonna has been an office employee, working with the development of incoming traveling to Italy. Jonna loves the sea and the Italian islands but has also a weakness for big cities and shopping. These contrasts reflects in her work, where she enjoys combining antique charm with modern design. Of nature she is very accurate and consequently her work is very precise out to the smallest detail.

Human Resources

Skott is four years old and is our irreplaceable "ma-Skott." He was there when B-italian was born and has always shown great interest in the staff, especially if they offer a small treat. Serious when needed but also funny. He sees every single thing on the positive side and is at any time ready for a festive occasion and especially to celebrate us when we perform good results!

Betty Maroadi

Betty is responsible of our accounting department and she ensures that all our payment will be sent on time with precision and accuracy. Betty is practically "born" in the economy department and she keeps everything up to date.

Helga Chiarani

Helga is working as a maternity subsitute in our accounting department. She has extensive experience in this field and now she is entering in tourism accounting.

Dosolina Mozzi

Dosolina has been in the travel industry for more than 30 years. She has always worked with accounting, laws and regulations of this branch. She possesses know-how and is acquainted with all sorts of rules concerning issues that may arise in the tourist industry.

Sinead Codd
Groups & Events

Sinead is our Irish expert, with her heart in Italy and a mentality of Britain. She knows exactly what British guests seek when making their trip to Italy. With her experience in health services and countless trips to Italy, it is a great basis for finding exactly what customers are looking for in a relaxing and peaceful holiday to Italy. Sinead travelled to Italy for the first time in 2013 - she fell in love straight away with Lake Garda and fate led her to fall in love with her future Italian husband! She loves to spend her free time travelling and exploring new destinations, quaint villages, lakes and mountains but also the beautiful cities. She likes to combine her travels with hiking, shopping, concerts and of course with the best of Italian cuisine and fine local wines!

Ari Pihlava
Groups & Events

Ari has over 24 years of experience in the tourism sector of destinations around the world and has been in almost every continent for work. He has previously worked as a leader in the resorts but also helped in the development of new exciting destinations! In 1980 Ari visited Italy for the first time for a vacation and felt an immediate connection with this wonderful country. Since then he has worked several years in Italy in Rome, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Rimini and Riccione, Marche and also in Puglia! He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and jogging in the city, but also willingly goes to the gym. Ari likes to immerse himself in history and is fascinated by different cultures. When its time to really relax, he becomes a fabulous cook creating his favourite dishes based on fish and shellfish, and of course accompanied by a glass of chilled wine! Ari’s peaceful character combined with his extensive knowledge and experience makes him the ideal person that every individual would like to have as the expert to create their trip!

Berit Estensen
Groups and Events

Berit has been in Italy since 1983, where she always has been dedicated to the travel industry. She has a great knowledge of many different destinations as she through many years has followed groups and events during their events around Italy. Berit has a son who is a professional basketball player. This has meant that she has often been responsible for everything within the organization of professional tournaments. She herself loves doing sports and enjoys groups with activities such as walks or bike rides. She loves the Italian lakes and mountains, but is easy to lure into a shopping spree in the wonderful Italian cities. Moreover, she is an accomplished photographer and her photos witnesses that she has an eye for beautiful details.

Michele Alberti
IT technician and developer

Michele is our IT engineer and software developer. He guarantees that we are always up to date on the security of data, both internally and on the Web. This security is also a guarantee for B-Italian customers and suppliers. In addition, Michele develops our customised software according to our professional requirements and follows the constant evolution of new technology.

Sarah Calvaresi
Team Assistant

Sarah was born in Rome, and has recently completed her linguistic and hotel studies. Following this she has completed work experience in catering and later in the IT sector. Sarah is bilingual, speaking Italian and Swedish. In addition to knowing Rome extensively with all its trendy clubs, she also knows the Marche and Tuscany regions very well.

Camilla Buchwald
Graphic & design assistant

Camilla was born in the tourism sector even if as yet she has no work experience. Camilla grew up speaking two languages (Danish and Italian) but has completed all her schooling in Italy. She studied graphic design and at the moment is our strength in the office for creating various presentations, lay-out and development of new graphic ideas.


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